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Append -lm to the end of your gcc command. With all recent versions of GCC on GNU/Linux systems like Ubuntu, when you use the math library. #include #include math.h> main () { fmod (3, 2); }. And here is the command I am issuing to compile test.c gcc -lm test.c -o test. And here is the output. Most of these functions have prototypes declared in the header file math.h. The complex-valued functions are defined in complex.h. All mathematical functions.

from gcc FAQ. gcc faq. I'm trying to do some simple trig, and I am #including math.h>, but I keep getting "undefined: sin" compilation errors. A: Make sure. To compile C program with math.h library, you have to put -lm just after the compile command gcc number.c -o number, this command will tell to the compiler to. The math.h> header shall define the following macros, where real-floating indicates that the argument shall be an expression of real-floating type.

This is what I get: $ gcc -Wall -lm testec /tmp/ccMBiHrv.o: In function `main': undefined reference to `sin' collect2: ld. #include math.h> #include using namespace std; int main I found this doc It talks about. C mathematical operations are a group of functions in the standard library of the C Most of the mathematical functions are defined in math.h (cmath header in .. Comparison of compilers · ACK · Borland Turbo C · Clang · GCC · ICC · LCC. I am using gcc compiler, If I use math.h header file in my program & compile it like this gcc filename.c, It says " undefined reference to sqrt " So.


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